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Tak kenal maka tak sayang. Familiar dengan kata-kata tersebut? Hal yang sama berlaku denganku. Tak ada yang lebih membahagiakan selain mendapat masukan dan saran dari teman-teman sekalian.

Jika ada sesuatu yang ingin ditanyakan mengenai UWC/ MIT tolong dicek dulu page FAQ berikut ini.

Selain itu, Anda bisa melayangkan pesan melalui:
Surat elektronik/ Electronic mail: akunoortitan[at]gmail[dot]com (PS. Tolong cek FAQ terlebih dahulu sebelum mengirimkan e-mail)

Karena salah satu nama-Nya adalah Maha Pengasih, dan silaturahmi adalah salah satu manifestasinya.

16 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Titan

    Maybe you're busy preparing for exam now. Anyway, wish you would have 10 min. to spare to give your insider views.

    My son has been offered a place at UWC-USA for next year. It is like winning a jackpot. But after seeing some unexpected accusation on the Internet, I'm a bit worried. There are two concerns:

    1. Some former students or staff appear to be very unhappy about the current President's leadership, claim that it is the cause of admin. chaos, and advocate a Donor Boycott. How true is this as you understand? The dispute seems to have happened around your years there.

    2. Regardless of the above, my understanding is that many first-generation teachers who have built this fine school are around this time all retiring. I bet it must have an impact on the quality of teaching as new replacements are unlikely to be as experienced as those founding teachers. Moreover, one claim in the accusation in #1 is that even if not retiring, some teachers are leaving because of the discontent with the current leadership. Are you aware of significant teacher turnover really caused by that?

    Hope you would be able to reply. Good luck with your examinations anyway.



  2. Hello!

    Please send my congratulations and warm welcome to your son. I hope I will see you and your son in UWC Indonesia family gathering this summer.

    Yes, I have heard about this matter, the Donor Boycott campaign has been going on in the last two years. The administration and the President have confirmed that the accusation is wrong. I don't know who is right or wrong, and I don't know if some faculty members are retiring because of that reason. I know some teachers have been teaching there for 10-20 years, and I believe that their decision to retire is because they need to.

    I understand that in the next 2 years UWC-USA is not going to be like the time I was there. It will undergo transformation, adjustment, as new faculty members are joining this family. School is an important component of the experience, but it is only a small part of the whole UWC experience. As long as they keep the diversity in the student body, and improving the current programs they offer, I would like you and your son to consider it.

    I am sure, there is no magic place like UWC: I learnt more from late-night talk and dinner table with my friends, than my classroom.

    If there is another concern/ question please send an e-mail to akunoortitan[at]gmail[dot]com, I'll try my best to answer it. I'll also be home in the beginning of June, so we can meet and talk more about UWC.



  3. Halo Titan,

    Thank you for making such an inspiring blog. I really enjoy it. (i hope you know that this blog gives a lot of information)

    I am Agys Badruzzaman, i study mechanical engineering ini Universitas Gadjah Mada.

    A couple of months ago, i visit MIT and Harvard. God i wish i got my bachelor degree here. You are so lucky Titan :). I really love Boston. It has become one of my favorite city.

    So i want to talk to you more about life at MIT and Boston. What social media do you usually use?

    Thank you.



  4. Salam Mba Noor Titan. Ini sama Milta, surveyor IT di GOR Saparua 🙂
    Terima kasih sudah diizinkan membaca blognya. Semoga selalu sukses Mba Noor Titan

    oh ya, ini nama tumblr user dari Boston yang pernah saya rekomendasikan waktu itu partytilfajr[dot]tumblr[dot]com. Tapi, entah apakah dia masih rajin jawab-jawab pertanyaan atau tidak hehe!. May Allah grant you reward for your effort seeking knowledge.

    love and heartfelt duas,



  5. Wah Mbak Mita, senang sekali saya karena Mbak masih ingat untuk mengontak saya di sini. Linknya nanti saya coba, ya. Terima kasih untuk doanya, semoga Mbak juga dibimbing oleh Allah untuk langkah-langkah seterusnya. Amin 🙂


  6. Salam kenal Mbak Noor Titan. Saya menjadi termotivasi setelah membaca tulisan-tulisan Anda. Sekarang saya berstatus sebagai siswa kelas 12 di sebuah SMA di kota Solo. Saya akan mencoba mendaftar S1 di MIT seperti yang anda lakukan. Jadi saya akan membaca dan menggali info sebelum bertanya kepada Anda. Mohon bimbingannya ya kak!


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