The Urge of Following a Trend

It is undeniable, that there’s a pressure to follow what other people are currently doing, or following the trend. TikTok, for instance, is currently considered as trendy, and so many people are downloading the app and trying to dance a little bit, even though they claim, “I am not good at dancing.” Is it for the sake of being complimented and hearing people say, “No, you are pretty good! Look at how many people view your videos!”

No, I am currently not on the verge of downloading TikTok to my phone, and that doesn’t mean that I will not download it in the future.

Something that I’ve been tempted to try out is actually, the podcast trend.

I tried making one with a friend of mine, but we decided to take it down. I have been thinking about it for a while, especially since last month, when I decided to ‘graduate’ from Radio PPI Dunia, the radio that I joined 3 years ago for the sake of improving my communication skills. I was really bad at doing public talks, but I would confidently say that I am getting better because of taking part in this small community-based radio (please pardon me, if I am still not that good). I thought, doing a podcast will also put my microphone back into use. It has only been used to call my friends and families back in Indonesia, and they always appreciate it, “Yes, I like it when you’re taking call on your computer. Your microphone is good, your voice is clear!” However, I think, there is a better use for it.

If I create a podcast series, I think it will be about trivial things that I believe is important, just like the usual things I am interested in. The first episode, will be about, “The value of understanding a pattern.” Sounds interesting, right? Or, another thing, I can also do a series on, “Anything in 20 minutes,” which is basically me explaining about random things in 20 minutes. A good episode will be about, “Mechanical Engineering in 20 minutes,” so that people can stop asking me how to fix their cars, because for God’s sake, I know nothing about fixing a car, let alone driving it! These will be in Indonesian, of course, and I will consider creating one in English, but I am not really confident, yet.

Again, if there is any trend that I followed and still keep up with, that will be blogging. There is nothing that beats writing, for me at least. Another thing, is probably bubble tea/ boba. Do you know that they are finally opening a Tiger Sugar branch in Boston after all this time? I can finally try out supposedly the best brown sugar boba, at least that’s what everyone says. I tried Xing Fu Tang when I was home, and I actually really like the texture. I usually get the milk tea without boba, because I am tired of chewing the boba, but XFT actually has a boba that makes me enjoy chewing it. I also usually go for 0-30% sugar level, because my throat sometimes can’t handle too much of sugar. Hence, you can conclude, that brown sugar boba is actually not my thing.

Well, I guess I need to write another blog about boba scene, because it’s kind of trendy now. Next time, perhaps?

3 thoughts on “The Urge of Following a Trend

  1. menyenangkan membacanya, ditunggu postingan ttg apa sajanya. dan apakah ini utk pertamakalinya saya entanu kasih komentar di sini. saya cuma silence reader selama ini sepertinya dan sedang ingin berkomentar. however, terimakasih atas postingan ini


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