Prepping for Spring

After a long (and cold) wait, I can finally feel the spring breeze again. The season has officially arrived in Boston, which is marked by my oversensitive snotty nose because the pollen is everywhere!

Well, it is partly my fault for not taking my spring allergy medicine regularly. I am just trying to save as many pills as possible for future springs, because I got only a few pill strips left. I don’t buy my allergy medicine in the USA actually, because it’s much cheaper to buy the ‘generic version’ (versi obat generik) in a pharmacy in Indonesia.

For me, surviving this:

Beautiful tree!

Requires this:

Allergy medicine. It says “HET RP 4.794,-/ STRIP” which means, it costs about 40 cents USD per strip (10 pills), or 4 cents per pill!

The same exact medicine (with the same active component), would cost $5 for 2 pills in normal pharmacy here! It is crazy expensive, right? Especially, if you have to take it continuously once every day for about 3 months, during the season.

I don’t need to worry though, in case I forgot to bring my ‘stock pills’ when I went home during summer. My campus clinic pharmacy would have the cheaper, non-branded version (the same concept as ‘obat generik‘), but of course, it is not as cheap as getting a bunch of them in Indonesia.

I didn’t realize that I was having spring allergy, until I spent my second spring in the US, about 5 years ago. I was having an IB Exam to finish my high school back in New Mexico, and my nose was very runny that I ended up not doing well on that particular paper (Paper 2 IB Mathematics HL, to be more exact). So, never assume that you don’t have the allergy until you get exposed with the allergen, is basically the lesson from my experience. You might feel okay back in Indonesia, but the environment, trees, flowers are different in other parts of the world. I would suggest prepping for several strips when you go/ study abroad for the first time, just in case.

By the way, I don’t mention the name of the pills although it’s OTC (over the counter) medicine, because I don’t want to endorse a particular medicine which might work for me but not others 🙂 So, go and talk to your doctor directly!

You also need to prepare a rain gear for spring. It tends to rain quite a lot, or sometimes have a heavy snowstorm (if you live in a place like Boston). A nice and lightweight umbrella is a must, a pair of rain boot is great. The wind can sometimes get crazy, so I would also wear a waterproof jacket (basically my only waterproof jacket: the North Face one). So, don’t pack your winter gear just yet.

One more advice: be on lookout. The trees bloom beautifully. The normal tree in the corner that you never noticed before, might turn pink during the season. In Boston, there is one street with beautiful magnolia along the way, and you have to check it out when spring hits. As usual, the search engine is always your best friend 🙂

Regardless of few negatives that the season has, the day gets longer, and you feel less isolated/ depressed. The semester feels more bearable as well from my personal perspective. That’s why, even though I have a bad allergy, I still love spring overall!

Because it’s finally warm enough to jog/ walk along the river without frozen toes and fingers.

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