Moving to a Better Place?

I have started thinking about different things in the past few days. Actually, the past few weeks. Is it because I no longer have weekly problem sets or final projects due? Or, is it because I have so much free time after working hours, when I am in SUTD student hostel room by myself? Maybe.

Sometimes I find a little pleasure browsing through my YouTube home. Two weeks ago, I was playing “Lelaki Kerdus” repetitively while giggling (or “Yee Tu Hantu”). Yesterday I was woken up in the middle of night, and I randomly checked my LINE group chat. My friend started by asking, “Do you guys know ‘awkarin’?” The conversation rolled, and we ended up discussing how the society has changed so much over time, especially in presence of social networks and influencers.

The fact that I have graduated from college and will be starting my graduate studies this fall also contribute to a lot of ‘thinking sessions’ I have these days. Questions such as, “What do I aspire to be? What am I going to do 5 years down the line? When do I want to move to a more serious terms with my partner?”

Well, according to Levitt and Dubner in their ‘Thinking Like a Freak’ book, such ‘thinking sessions’ also contribute to sparks of creativity. Yes, just look at this statement as my excuse of having a lot of thoughts.

A friend of mine, for instance, has been bugging me with what he said few weeks ago. I know he did not mean to pressure me in any way; rather, he has a sincere suggestion.

“Titan, I notice that you have been blogging a lot in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. I notice that your posts in Bahasa Indonesia have been so ‘dry’ and ‘rigid’. They are no longer fluid, like in the past. You better just write in English; it’s easier to read that way.”

Honestly, he is not the only who notices that. Me too.

There are some theories about how hard it is being a perfect bilingual, but let’s not go into that matter. Sometimes, I think in English, and it’s easier for me to write that way. However, there are times, when the purpose of my writing is for my friends and families back in Indonesia. English is not their first language, and they will have problems when they are reading the posts. I have also thought about providing both Bahasa Indonesia and English in one post, but doesn’t that require so much work? Google Translate is also easily available for people who want to read it in another language.

I guess I am too shy to admit it, but my writing in Bahasa Indonesia is rusty. I am doing a better job with my speaking and reading, though.

Well, my English writing is not even that great yet, haha.

I am also thinking of taking this blog into another level. No, not like a level that you are thinking of right now. I want to explore more, and perhaps customize it a little bit. I have been thinking about moving my blog to another platform and getting a domain as well, but then, who am I? Haha.

There are several questions in my mind about that. What if the readers are having a hard time to find stuff after I move? What if the readers prefer the old blog? What if my new blog address doesn’t show up on search engine?

However rather than waiting and worrying over it, I should just do it. I have started to move my stuff to another platform, and editing the past blog posts there to fit the theme and the platform better; such as, putting featured image, placing the ‘Read more’ button, editing some links (the last one is especially hard, I haven’t started doing it though, because I put many links in one post, sometimes they are going to another post in my blog). I admit that it’s really hard and tedious, especially considering the fact that I have over 250 blog posts, over the course of 8 years. Yes, I am doing it manually, haha. Does anyone have a better idea on how to do it quicker?

The lesson is, sometimes you need to sacrifice something to go to a different place. You might not necessarily know if the new place is better than the old one, but sometimes it is worth taking a risk. You might find a much better environment, for instance, there. Who knows.

I will keep you updated on the progress. I hope you will keep reading my blog, regardless where it is going to be.

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