What is Ely? It is a city in Cambridgeshire, only 15-20 minutes away from Cambridge by train. So many people have told me that I should go to this small town, not only because it has a beautiful cathedral, but also because of its tearooms.

And it only costed 2.95 Poundsterling for the return ticket, with the railcard!

The day was really nice, although it was a bit cloudy. My first stop was the cathedral, which was about 5 minute walk from the train station. From far, I could see how beautiful the cathedral was.

It was like a castle in fairy tales. And yes, spring is at its best in England now.

The cathedral is the main attraction of Ely, and it is really important for people in Cambridgeshire. If you go in and see the chapels, many of them are dedicated for the soldiers who died in World War I and II.

The ceiling was also really impressive. Too bad, I didn’t go for the tour because I didn’t want to wait.

In the middle of cathedral, they also have an octagon tower, which I have never seen in any of cathedral I visited before. I believe it symbolizes something, do you know what is it?

The octagon tower.

After exploring the cathedral, I went to the Stained Glass Museum, which is located in second floor of the cathedral. The exhibition was really beautiful, and I learnt a lot about how to make stained glass, and how it evolves over the decades. I also read some interesting insights about the restoration work done for the churches, chapels, and cathedrals all over UK. For instance, most of the stained glass restoration works are done through companies which are family businesses. There are not many of them, so they have done a lot of work in so many significant buildings in the UK.

Then, I headed out and took a few selfies.

I know you don’t want to see my selfie, so here is the front of the cathedral.

Then, I went to the tearoom. I looked up online, and saw this particular tearoom with a really good review, Peacocks Tearoom. I ordered its breakfast tea and chocolate scones with clotted cream. Oh my goodness, I have never tried chocolate scones before!

They were served in beautiful tea set! So pretty.

They were really good, and the tearoom was full of locals. I was just there by myself, enjoying my tea, while the others are eating and chatting with their friends and families. It was a local place, not a touristy place, and was really nice. The chocolate scones was amazing, and the tea was amazingly good.

In general, I like Ely so much; it was really nice, warm, and beautiful. If you are in Cambridgeshire at some point, you should visit Ely!


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