Exam Period at Cambridge

Hello, everyone! I know that I haven’t kept up with my blog for a while. There is a lot going on, in my life, especially. Another significant thing that happened in my life for the past two weeks: third year exam at Cambridge.

Apparently, exams at Cambridge happen during Easter term, and they cover materials from the whole year. Yes, there is no midterm at Cambridge, so large percentage (almost 100%?) of final grades of your courses depends on these two weeks.

So, I was locking myself in my room, and having video calls with family and friends. I realized that the exams were coming up, about two weeks before, when I got back from Barcelona. “How am I supposed to learn all these 8 modules in the next two weeks?” I managed it. Don’t ask me how. I still sleep properly, eat properly, and have occasional hangouts with my friends.

Like having karaoke with PPI (Indonesian Students Association) at Cambridge. Photo was taken from Shinta’s phone.

Having an exam at the end of the year like this makes me realize that I have learnt a lot of things. I also drew some connections between the subjects, for instance how FEM (Finite Element Methods) can be done in Vibration and Heat and Mass Transfer (other two courses I took this year). Although it was hard to study properly for each of them, because sometimes I had three exams in 30 hours, I pulled it through. I am done with my third year exams at Cambridge!

Taking exams around this time is considered to be early. So many of my friends still haven’t taken their exams until the beginning of June, and they still have lectures, supervisions, and so on. They have started freaking out, just like me at the end of Lent term. Now I can talk and try to reassure them, that they are going to be fine. Just like me, now, haha.

Just as expected, exams at Cambridge felt (a little bit) more intimidating than exams at MIT. The proctors (or invigilators, British lingo) at Cambridge wear their gowns in the exam room. There is also a 50 Pound fine if your cell phone goes off during the exam period. God knows how many times I checked my phone to make sure that it was silent before I left it in my bag at the back of the room. Cambridge also has its special examination room, where everyone takes the exam. Well, at least that’s what I believe, haha. When the results come out, they are put up in front of Senate House, so you can see what everyone’s scores are.

Perk of being an exchange student: my name will be taken off the class list, yes! So, no one can see what my score is, except myself, my DOS, my advisor at MIT, and my program coordinators.

So, what is next?

I am going to do projects in the next 5 weeks. They are Heat Exchanger and Bicycle Design. I think they are going to be really fun, and I will learn a lot from these. I promise to update you more about these projects as the time goes on. I think it will be a great one to blog about, without being too technical about it (gear ratio, sun-annulus-carrier, deep groove ball bearing, and other things).

Can I also tell you something else?

I was going through a hard time in the past one-two months. Things did not go so well for me, and they went unexpectedly off-track. It was not only an exam period at Cambridge, but also within myself.

Come on, Titan, what is so hard about your life? You study abroad, at MIT, and now you are in Cambridge. You see things that other people don’t see, you experience things that other people can only dream about.

That is exactly the point. I was not grateful of what I have. I realized that when life got so rough, that all I could think of was having back my life the week before.

When something like that happens to you, just remember that the earth rotates. It is not always dark like at night, because the day will come and the sun will shine. You just need to endure it, and patiently work as hard as before. Even at night, you can see the moon and the stars: people who matter the most to you, will always be there to help you. So, I want to thank everyone for your prayers, helps, hugs, loves, and supports during my hard times. I really appreciate them, and I feel really lucky to receive them from you. Thank you so much.

Now, spring almost ends, but can I just show you one last picture from Cambridge spring?

Cherry blossom tree near St. John’s.

I spotted this cherry blossom at its peak of blooming when I got back from my Marketing exam. It was so beautiful, that I stopped my bike, and walked around this tree to observe its little details. Yup, by now, you should know that I do so many random things. It is just one of them.

It does not only give me extra strength, but also happiness. Like an instant big smile. I hope this picture does the same effect to you.

Lastly, happy late spring. I should go to Grantchester to get my nice afternoon tea, before I leave England in few weeks. Good luck everyone who is facing the end of term, or academic year. You will do it well, just like a year ago.


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