Snow in Cambridge (Finally!)

I was so happy few days ago, because it finally feels like winter in Cambridge!

Isn’t the view outside my room just lovely?

You can expect a lot of snow in northern part of England. However, Cambridge is located in the east, and people told me that it doesn’t snow much here. In the past one week, it was snowing several times, though. Not too much, but just enough to make me feel happy. Winter is cold anyway, so you might as well have snow, right?

I was jumping up and down when I woke up and looked outside my room.
Apparently, it was snowing last night. When I went to get breakfast, I saw this happy snowman. It seems that people built it around midnight.
I cycled down the road to get to Engineering Department, and King’s Chapel looks amazing.
And King’s College also looks more beautiful.

You need to be careful when you cycle, though, because it can be quite slippery. I almost hit a person and a car few days ago. It wasn’t because I cycled too fast, but my rear brake was not working. So, I got it repaired in Market Square, and now my bike feels great to ride on!

Besides that, Lent term has entered week 4, which is around middle of the term (one term in Cambridge is 8 week long). That is why you can find me disappearing slowly from this blog, haha. I am currently taking so many interesting classes: Heat and Mass Transfer, Vibration, Finite Element Methods, and Organizational Behavior. I am a little bit struggling with Heat and Mass Transfer, because I haven’t done Heat and Mass Transfer I that Cambridge engineers did in their second years. I am going to be fine, though. Hopefully, haha.

So, this is my ‘home’ for the next few weeks.

Cambridge University Engineering Department Library!

Wish me luck, please. For people who just started new term, good luck! We are gonna do well this term 🙂


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