Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes night is when people are outside, watching big fireworks, and staying for bonfire after that. Credits of this pic goes to Sara.

I was wondering about the same thing like you, when I heard some rumors few days ago. “Yeah, it’s Guy Fawkes night, so there will be an awesome fireworks, and huge bonfire.” Who is this Guy Fawkes guy, and why do people celebrate him?

Wikipedia was my first stop to answer my curiosity.

So, Guy Fawkes is a ‘murderer’; he didn’t murder anyone in the end, though. He was a member of the group who tried to do Gunpowder plot, and this group is basically trying to assassinate King James I of England and VI of Scotland. However, this plot was revealed through an anonymous letter. Fawkes was discovered guarding barrels of gunpowder which was going to be used to blow up House of Lords, part of UK Parliament. Guy Fawkes was supposed to be executed because of his crime, but in the end he took his own life by jumping off the scaffold and broke his neck.

A tragic story, right? Nevertheless, the British celebrate Guy Fawkes night every 5th of November, to commemorate what happened to Guy Fawkes.

There was indeed a beautiful fireworks, just like the one you see during New Year’s Eve. Also, there is a huge bonfire afterwards, and a festivity around the area.

Just like a theme park. Credit goes to Sara.

I don’t really know the background behind it, but the Gunpowder plot happened because of religion issue between the Christians and the Catholics, which reminds me of another related history.

My college, St. Edmund’s was a Catholics college, meaning that it was discriminated from the rest of University of Cambridge. Why? I honestly don’t know what was going on between the Christians and the Catholics back then.

My headmaster told us, after the university lifted a ban on admitting the Catholics, St. Edmund’s became the main college for them. The Catholics who stayed at the college had a really strict schedule. They needed to be back at the college by 5 p.m., and they could not roam around the town without a permission to do so. They needed to wake up at certain time, did several things at specific times, and so on.

I don’t know when it exactly happened, because this university just celebrated its 800th birthday few years ago (which is older than MIT!).

Isn’t it interesting? I think I should find out more about this part of history.

On the other hand, the night was beautiful, and it was definitely a better time to watch fireworks, since it was still autumn and not winter (New Year’s Eve happens during winter, which makes it really cold to stay outside and watch the fireworks). It was also a good study break, because week 4 and 5 of the term is hitting me hard, in short. Well, wish me luck, and pray for me, please. After all, it’s ‘the’ Cambridge University.


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