Hannover, Germany: A Beautiful Little Town

Hannover, a town close to Bremen and Hamburg, is a part of Niedersachsen area (Lower-Saxony) in Germany. It’s a beautiful and nice city, and a major transit place for trains from Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, and other cities.

I went there last Sunday, so, all the shops and stores are closed, except several restaurants/ food courts/ some stores in Hauptbahnhof. My friend, Ivan, goes to Leibniz Universitat Hannover, studying Electrical Engineering, and he was my tour guide there. Leibniz, as you can recall, was a mathematician, who discovered integration in calculus among other things. His statue, picture, and handwritten notes -of binary numbers, are everywhere in Hannover.
There are two things that I would recommend you to do when you come to Hannover:
  1. Go to the Rathaus, pay for the 2 Euro ticket, and go to the top of the Rathaus using the undeniably scary elevator (the top, bottom, and sides of the elevator are made from glasses, so you can actually see outside; and also, since the tower of the Rathaus is not perfectly straight, you can feel that the elevator shifts to the left and right). After you survive the scary elevator, you can finally see the whole Hannover, 360 degrees!
  2. Go to Herrenhauser, amazing park and garden, that is worth your 5 Euro (if you are a student). Make sure you don’t go there when it’s too warm or too cold, though. I was there when the weather reached 30 degrees Celcius; it was way too warm for me.

Here are the pics from my journey to Hannover last weekend, enjoy!

One side of the views from the tower in Rathaus.
Looking down the Rathaus from the tower.
The Rathaus! Isn’t it beautiful?
Behind the Rathaus, there is a big park and lake. As you can see, on the bridge of the lake, people ‘lock’ their loves to ensure it last forever. Cheesy, isn’t it?
If you keep walking from the park, you can see a bigger river where everyone is just chilling like in the beach. 
Here is Leibniz Universitat Hannover! The building looks cooler than MIT, to be honest.
Grosses Garten, a part of Herrenhausen. HUGE park and garden, you should totally go there!
And the panoramic picture of the garden from the house!
In a part of the garden, there is a little house where all the walls are from pieces of colorful mirror. Isn’t this art piece amazing?
Another favorite park of the garden. It must cost a lot to maintain this garden.
And golden sculpture. Guess, who is this person according to the Greek mythology?
And a part of the building in Herrenhausen. The bigger building is the one where I took my selfie above.
There are actually several parts of the garden, if you go out of this garden, cross the street, you will find another garden with different plant species from all over the world, including green house that keeps several tropical plants (and preserves the humidity as well, which makes me feel like at home due to its humidity).
So, what do you think of Hannover? 

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