Recap September: UWC 30/50, Harvard-MIT, Southeast Asian Cultural Night

50 years of home, video by UWC Red Cross Nordic.

So, September was a blast (yes, I need to type that in bold). I had my own way of celebrating 50 years of UWC and 30 years of UWC-USA, by having a long video call with my Kili hallway friends: Andrea and Simona. Lucien was not there because she’s in the Netherlands, and we have different timezone; it was already late night in US, so it probably was early morning in Lucien’s place.

I don’t think I can thank UWC enough for letting me experience the best two years of my life, the time when I think I learnt many things about this world and saw things from different perspectives. This school has shaped me, inside and outside (oh yes, Caf food!), made me more confident in the path that I’m taking. A better world, people.

On the other hand, a week ago, an inauguration was held to welcome the new president of MIT, L. Rafael Reif.

The program book for Rafael Reif’s Inauguration.

But, it’s more than that. Do you know John Harvard statue? Yes, as you can guess, he was a significant benefactor of Harvard College (thanks to Wikipedia, I thought he was the founder initially). This statue is located in Harvard University (of course), and MIT and Harvard are not that far away (you can take a bus and go there in 10 minutes). The other thing is, I’m not sure if I have told you about an awesome tradition here called MIT Hack. One of them happened on the inauguration day.

Yes! John Harvard is ready with his MIT outfit! Photo was taken from Tim Beaver’s FB account.

Do you know what’s even funnier? The president of Harvard University, Drew Faust, after giving her speech for MIT president’s inauguration, gave Rafael Reif a great ‘souvenir’.

“A gift for you, Mr. Reif.” Photo was taken by Rose Lincoln, Harvard Staff Photographer.

Yes, the picture of John Harvard statue in MIT outfit. I just love how the relationship between these two leading universities in the world goes, and they are just 10 minutes bus riding away.

I also came to a session of a club called OrigaMIT, in which basically you make your own origami for the whole two hour session. I failed to make Android origami, though, so I made a penguin origami instead. The good thing is, they have many books about making different types of origami, step-by-step. I promise you, by the end of your senior year here, you still have lots of origami on those books that you haven’t tried.

Yes. Mr. Penguin!

Some people have been asking me about how hard studying at MIT is. I’m surviving, honestly; but it’s such a great feeling to learn something new (or not entirely new, hehe, right, IB?) from amazing professors, and actually have contact with them. I’m doing Physics I and Multivariable Calculus (or Calculus II) this semester in ESG, while taking chemistry and writing class in mainstream. My writing class is really great, I learn how to ‘decode’ advertisements, photographs, films, and other types of visual media.

Guess, where my favorite place to study is! Sorry for the pictures though, it was a cloudy day yesterday.

West penthouse of my dorm, eighth floor. The view?
Charles River and Boston Skyline! Yes, MIT is in Cambridge, not in Boston; if you want to go to Boston, you just need to go across the bridge.
The other side. Briggs Field, stadium, and other dorms (including that spongy Simmons Hall).
On Friday night, we also had Southeast Asian Cultural Night, which was so much fun. As you could guess, we did Saman dance! Thanks to Harun, Marsha, Purna, Ayu, and Greg for the commitment and time, because the performance was simply awesome. Also, thanks to Erioseto Hendranata who recorded the video and took the pictures. Good pictures and great video (because I’m there, hehe).

SEA Cultural Night 2012.
Last, but not least, Indonesian food. I also got to eat onde-onde (sesame ball) from Cambodia booth, thai ice tea, mee goreng from Malaysia booth, and a pancake with sugar on top from Singapore. Being a semi-vegetarian was hard during that night.

So, I really hope that October is going to be more awesome, or at least, as awesome as September. I have many things planned for October, so let’s see how it goes. Sorry for the sort of short blogpost, next time I’ll try to write a more insightful post. 
Sending my love to Indonesia, Cambridge is getting colder these days. At least, my heart feels warm by listening to this song, hehe. Christian Bautista is a truly great singer! 
Good luck and have a great October, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Recap September: UWC 30/50, Harvard-MIT, Southeast Asian Cultural Night

  1. aaak! how sweet. i can see scoutone photo on your desk, taaan… >.< #lossfocus ah, really envy your writing class. a writing class should be a class which enables the students to explore their creativities for them to communicate their ideas in many creative ways. it cant be restricted only by how to write a paper. my writing class here is all about eyd. how boring.


  2. Di sini writing classnya ada macem-macem, aku ngambil yg exploring visual media, terus ada juga yg tentang global issues, dll. Fokusnya jelas writing sih, tapi temanya kan asyik-asyik, jadi nulis papernya juga asyik 🙂


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