¡Estoy conquistando México!

Yes, I’m conquering Mexico!

After 24 hours of bus ride, finally we arrived in Zacatecas, Mexico, where Andrea lives. A beautiful city (still on the desert, though), with a lot of things to do and many tourist places.

No, I haven’t been really anywhere here. One week of winter break, three second years from UWC (me, Nicol-Costa Rica, Andrea): what do you expect? Pile of supplemental essays for colleges are waiting to be done, in my case, there are four lab reports due after winter break, and for others: Math homework or Environmental Systems IA. Not too bad.

However, sometimes we released the stress by going around the plaza and centro, enjoying the colonial architecture there, and guessing what people talk in Spanish. I am pretty sure that my ability in listening Spanish has increased exponentially. A good thing for me, because once I go back to the Land of Enchanment, I can hear some Latin gossips while they don’t know that I can understand them, haha.

Apart from that, I love Zacatecas. This place is beautiful, and the best thing is, of course, the food! You don’t know how much I was craving for good food last semester (that’s why my friends and I bought tons of Indomies online last semester), so when I see those OMG-those-look-so-delicious foods here, I just cannot hold it anymore. No, I don’t care even though I will gain some weight. I need it 😉

OK, I will tell you about this place later. Enjoy the pictures! 😀

Feliz Navidad, which means “Merry Christmas.”

Colonial architecture


One afternoon

Dulcerias, the candy seller in Mexico. So good!


P.S. My birthday last week was celebrated here as well. It was great, yet simple and meaningful. People from all around the world congratulated me using their own ways, and I really appreciate my Indonesian friends who try to give me something special. One thing: I’m so glad that I was born to this world.


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