Affirmation on My Desk

I often feel so sad because I can’t talk Bahasa to everyone here. Just one countrymate, and I can’t always talk to her. She’s second year, and I know that she has more important things to do, than just talking Bahasa with me.

But now, I can find the advantage. I can put my dream list in Bahasa as big as I want on the desk, and there won’t be anyone who can understand it.

And this dream list will be the affirmation for my future!

Actually, I want to put the image here, but I don’t want everyone knows my dream 😛

*The reason why I’m trying to post in English now is, I’m struggling with my English A2. I still have no idea about the topic that I’ll write for my Reflection that accounts 50% of my Mid-Term Grade. Wish me luck! Or I’m gonna drop to English B -_-


One thought on “Affirmation on My Desk

  1. Hola Titán!!¿Cómo estás? Your blog is so interesting and I love read it.Please write more about your friends and tell us something about your backhome.

    Tu amigo de México.


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